We’ve listed the most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, do not hesitate to ask your question here.

Why did you create the website ?

The website is a place where everyone can share its creativity : how you’ve personalized your Gobi, how do you live with your Gobi, where have you been with yout Gobi, etc.

The idea is that the website will give ideas to every user, thus reinforcing the desire of using Gobi. At every new use or every new Gobi user, it’s waste prevented : water bottles, plastic cups !

How does the Waste counter works ? 

We’ve created a dedicated page to explain how the counter works.

Why do you showcase companies ?

We think that having companies be active in adopting Gobi is the best way to increase fast the amount of waste prevented. Companies should be considered a good leverage to change the way people act, especially with regard to environment protection. That’s the reason why we sell Gobi directly to companies, and that’s the reason why we showcase the companies that want it on

If you are a company and want to know more about using Gobi, check the dedicated page on

I’ve lost my password

If you log in with your Facebook account, you’ll need to check your account on the website. If you’ve created an account on, contact us and tell us your email and/or login credentials

What info is necessary for my registration ?

To validate your registration you need to give us the following information : First name, Name, Username, Email address, Password, Zip, Town, Country. These info will remain confidential.

What will you do with my info and pictures ? aims at sharing images and pictures of your Gobi and your Gobicards that you’ve made and taken. By uploading and sharing pictures and images on the website, you authorize us to reuse those images to promote the use of the Gobi, either on or any other site or media that we would deem appropriate. Using the website implies your approval of our terms of use.

I have another question to ask that’s not listed here !

Do not hesitate to send us that question, we’ll reply as soon as we can.