How we calculate the waste saved ?

When you become a Begobi member and you state that you own a Gobi, we take the assumption that you’re going to regularly use your Gobi !

The estimates we’ve made (based on several statistics you can see here) show that on average, a Gobi user should prevent the use of

  • 1.8 cup per day
  • 0.19 water bottle per day

In grams, this represents about 12.10 grams of waste prevented per day, per Gobi user.

Every day, we »ll add 12.10 grams of waste prevented to your personal profile page, and we’ll count your results on our global counter.

When a company decides to use Gobi, we count the number of staff equipped, that we multiply by the waste prevented. We do that calculation every day, we add the results for the company and on our global counter as well.

Finally, if a Gobi user links his Begobi profile to a particular company he belongs to, we do not count this info 2 times in the global counter.