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The user agrees not to upload or introduce into the Begobi.com website any document, content, information, file or other data in whatever form, which would restrict, slow down, disrupt, interrupt or prevent proper operation and normal use of the site, computer equipment and / or telecommunications made available by  Gobilab, providers and partners Gobilab, and other users of the site.

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User is responsible for the content posted, such as images, drawings, photographs, illustrations that he publishes on the site Begobi.com and is held in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, particularly those that suppress the abuses of freedom of expression.

User ensures that his comments are not

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  • inciting violence, suicide, terrorism, use, manufacture or distribution of illicit substances
  • inciting the commission of crimes or offenses
  • violating intellectual property rights of third parties (including articles, books), for which he does not have the necessary permissions of the authors and / or assigns

This list is not exhaustive and the user is informed that Gobilab is free to delete any comments containing about violating laws or regulations, or contrary to these terms of use.
The comments made by the user will not contain links to such content.

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Gobilab offers the user a contact form for reporting abuses and comments that can be considered as not complying with these terms and conditions or the law.

Gobilab is free to publish or not the comments of its choice, the choice is entirely discretionary.

The user agrees by submitting his comment that it is reproduced according to the rules of indexing and editing and enhancement are the sole responsibility of GOBILAB, in his capacity as editor of the site Begobi.com.

The user acknowledges that the elements that are sent to the BEGOBI.com website (photos, drawings, comments) is information posted on a public site, and as such they can be freely reused and commented. The user, by posting his comment, graciously agrees to give Gobilab all its rights including the right of reproduction, representation, adaptation, translation, dissemination and for the duration of legal protection.

Also as part of this authorization granted by the user, Gobilab can select the item sent and publish it in whole or part in any other media published by Gobilab, its subsidiaries or any affiliate, of for promotional or illustrative purposes. This transfer of rights applies to all media and types of consultation (including all digital media, mobile applications …), and unlimited territory.


According to the law « and Freedoms » of January 6, 1978, this site has been declared to the CNIL – dated December 23, 2010 – Declaration number 1474152 v 0.
According to the law « and Freedoms » of January 6, 1978, the persons providing personal information have a say on them total. To exercise your right to access and modify data, send an email to the following address: gobilab@gobilab.com. No personal information is collected without the knowledge of users of the site or disclosed to third parties or used for personal purposes.