Why should you equip your employees with Gobi ?

Gobi offers very substantial benefits, both for the employees and the companies :

For employees :

Gobi est idéal pour les entreprises : il offre des bénéfices très importants, tant pour l’entreprise que pour les salariés :

For the employees :

  • It helps employees get hydrated by providing 40cl of water, or about 3-4 cups at every refill
  • It gets easily carried away in a meeting, but also outside of the company : to the gym, to do shopping, at the movies, etc. Filled in the office before getting out, it helps make economies : no more small water bottles to purchase !

For the companies :

  • It’s a sustainable development action easy to put in place that gets immediate recognition by the employees, and that can be easily expanded outside for the company clients
  • it’s an immediate win over disposable cup purchases.
  • Companies can create limited editions of Gobi with their own logo colours, and engraved logo on the bottom of the Gobi, which can then be used internally or for PR/Marketing events.

The more Gobi adopted by employees, the better the impact on the environment. That’s the reason why we’ve created adoption tools to help companies promote the use of Gobi, both internally and externally.

To learn more, please visit the Gobilab.com website